Power Hour Drinking Game

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Who cares where you are? Unlock your device, open our app, grab your favorite beer, and start playing. Look at you – you’re a walking party now!

The Team

Dimitris Poulikidis

Roland Fauster

Dusty Wright

Willson Silva

The Concept

Why Play?

Buying drinks at the club is expensive. Save money by pre-gaming before the bar, or stay in while playing a few rounds of Power Hour Drinking Game. It’s THE best way to play Power Hour. Snap a before and after picture, play wherever you are, and take the headache out of playing one of the world’s most popular drinking game. Best of all? It’s completely free!

All Devices

From iOS to Android and even the Web, you can play Power Hour Drinking Game on nearly any device you own!


Power Hour Selfie time!

Now that your power hour has ended, why not take a photo to show the world how much fun you had?

No, nobody cares what your hair looks like, the state of your makeup, or anything like that – they just care about seeing you sloshed! Take the photo, and it will be sent to our Power Hour homepage where you can share it with your friends.

Cheers! Its share time!

You guys are CRAAAZY! It’s imperative that the world knows how bad ass your party was on this momentous date. It may be the key to ending world hunger and bringing about world peace, and we know you’re not against any of those, right?

Press the share your party button below, and show the world what a REAL party looks like!

What people say about the app.

F**king Brilliant

Pure awesomenesss!!!

Finally a game where u dont need any dice or freaking cards ...( which anyway nobody has at home) just take your phone (if u have the app) and if not there are 20 people at a party at least one will have the app or if not just download it!!! Its worth it

F**king Brilliant

Easy. Entertaining and fun after the hangover

If you like music, singing and responsible drinking, this app can be quite entertaining.

F**king Brilliant


If you like music, singing and responsible drinking, this app can be quite entertaining.