Power Hour Drinking Game

About Us

Here at Content Creators, we had a dream: to make it super simple to enjoy a round of Power Hour! It’s an awesome drinking that… we won’t lie – gets you quite inebriated. In the past, playing Power Hour took a lot of effort and time: you had to find an hour of music, you had to be certain the Power Hour would play properly, etc. It’s always been a pain – until now.

We believe that playing Power Hour should be as quick and easy as playing a game on your smartphone. That’s where the beauty of Power Hour Drinking Game comes into play. When you and your crew decide to play, you should be able to throw down a few bottles of beer, load up the app, and start playing (and getting drunk) in under a minute. It streamlines the entire Power Hour experience so you can play anytime, anywhere – instantly.

So go on, download our app. Share the miracle of Power Hour with your friends, get your drink on, and have a night you will never forget!

The Powerhour Drinking Game Team

These guys love playing Power Hour so much, they decided to make an app about it!

What If You Could Play Power Hour Anywhere?

Now you can! Whether you are waiting at an airport, pre-gaming before a night out on the town, or you’re bored in your parent’s basement, as long as you have beer and a smart device/computer with Web access, you’ve got a party!

What people say about the app.

F**king Brilliant

Pure awesomenesss!!!

Finally a game where u dont need any dice or freaking cards ...( which anyway nobody has at home) just take your phone (if u have the app) and if not there are 20 people at a party at least one will have the app or if not just download it!!! Its worth it

F**king Brilliant

Easy. Entertaining and fun after the hangover

If you like music, singing and responsible drinking, this app can be quite entertaining.

F**king Brilliant


If you like music, singing and responsible drinking, this app can be quite entertaining.