Power Hour Web Game

How to Play?

It couldn’t be easier!

How to Play?
  1. 1

    Set the Length

    While Power Hour Drinking Game normally takes one hour, you can play for a short duration if you prefer. Want the ultimate challenge? Play until you drop to see how long you can last!

  2. 2

    Create Playlist

    You can choose to use our native playlist or you can create your own playlist via the music already on your device. If you don’t like a song that’s currently playing, you have the option to skip the track in-game so you don’t have to listen to it for that minute in the game. Want to play in silence? Select the silent option and be alerted via in-game cues when it’s time to drink!

  3. 3

    Take a Shot of Beer

    When a new song plays (or you hear the in-game cue if playing in silent mode), take a shot of beer!

  4. The Power Hour Team

    Meet the bright minds behind this awesome app, and learn why we made it!



Choose your playlist or search for songs and create your own

Choose a recent playlist and start right away!


Testing - Duration:


Henry - Duration: 05 h 51 min

Power Hour

Power Hour - Duration: 12 h 49 min

Rowdywein PH R2

Rowdywein PH R2 - Duration:

Rowdywein Playlist

Rowdywein Playlist - Duration: 06 h 10 min

Rowdywein PH

Rowdywein PH - Duration: 02 h 53 min

The UN

The UN - Duration:


Ben - Duration: 10 h 31 min


test - Duration:


WKUK - Duration: 05 h 05 min


necro - Duration:

John Duffield

John Duffield - Duration: 10 h 00 min

John Duffield

John Duffield - Duration:

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Choose your playlist or search for songs and create your own
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Each Shot is 1 Minute, choose your length! You take 1 shot a minute, so we recommend playing all 60 of them!


Create your power hour party!

Add some music, add some shots, and lets party!

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